The Amazing Elf Workshop and Santa Grotto

We are delighted that Santa has chosen The Sovereign Centre to set up his elf workshop and grotto this year, and we have got a great programme of entertainment for you all to enjoy this Christmas.

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Santa's Grotto and Elf Workshop

The elves are looking forward to welcoming you to their little workshop where you can make some super Christmas craft, play games, have a snowball fight, play with building blocks, enter competitions and more.  You will have a range of Christmas craft activities to choose from and take home.

Once you are ready, an elf will take you into the grotto where you will meet Santa. He will talk to each of the children and read them a story before giving them all a present.

Each session is 40 minutes long, which roughly breaks down to 30 minutes in the workshop and 10 minutes with Santa.

£12 per child,  Adults free



“What an amazing and fun evening. I cannot recommend enough and at amazing price. Well done all.”

Larissa Walker

“We attended the very first grotto opening today and I can not put into words how incredable it was.   All the elves are supportive, funny and made he experience great.  Santa himself is incredable and my little girl was in full amazemen from start to finish.  Thank you so much – you are amazing at what you do.”

Klaudia Ryszka


Opening Hours

Thursday 5pm to 7pm

Saturday 11am to 5pm

Sunday 12am to 4:30pm

Supper with Santa

Every Thursday, join us for late night shopping and Supper with Santa!  Enjoy a super Burger King Meal with Santa every Thursday at 5:30pm before a great Christmas Disco with our friend DJ Ade from Action Pussycat. 

There will be an hour of party music, lights, bubbles, party dances, party games, prizes and a touch of magic.  The disco finishes at 7pm, giving you an hour of late night shopping to pick up those special gifts. Thursdays from 5.30pm.

£15 per child.  Adults free.

Booking essential.

Storytime with Santa

Special sessions where children can enjoy having a Christmas story read to them by Santa himself alongside craft activities.

We have got some wonderful fun Christmas stories lined up for children to enjoy – a different one each week. Fridays at 11am.

2nd December:  The Santa Trap

9th December: Ten Little Penguins

16th December: Monster Christmas

Booking advised.

£8 per child.  Adults free.


Find us

Unit 12

The Sovereign Centre

High Street

Weston super Mare



How long do I get?

Each session is 40 minutes long, which is roughly 25 minutes in the workshop and 15 minutes with Santa

Can I pre book?

You can only pre book for the special events.  The Elf Workshop and Santa Grotto are drop in sessions every 45 minutes except at event times (Thursday evenings, Friday mornings)

Where can I find you?

With your back to the Sovereign Clock, we are half way between the clock and the lifts, on the left, next to the Christmas Tree.

How does Santa know who has been good or bad?

Santa has a list, and parents and elves help him make sure children are on the right list, so always listen to your parents.

Why does Santa go down the chimney?

Because it soots him!

What are Santa’s helpers called?

Subordinate Clauses.